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About Us


Having a great love for Asia and India based food, we dedicated alot of time to elevating the hot sauce accoutrement.   We didn't want to deliver just another heavily soy, sesame, and predictable pepper sauce to your table; instead, we believe that Angry Dragon gives you a very broad reaching Asia hot sauce traversing more than several countries. . and, oh yes, paired with a tasteful hint of India.  Don't be fooled in that this hot sauce features the Thai chili pepper, it has a whole bunch of heat sources accompanied with other secret ingredients.

Angry Dragon goes beyond your natural go-to dishes, try it on noodles, you'll never look back!  

Our Story

Our hot sauces are specifically crafted in-house, not another bottle slapping label brand on the shelf.   We have dedicated an extensive amount of time and patience towards achieving our flavor profile goals,  for your enjoyment.  Balance is truly a fine line and we believe that our Angry C*ck and Angry Drag*n brands walk it exquisitely! 

Our hot sauces deliver complex end flavors with the right amount of heat applied.  With more than 25 global ingredients needed in creating these flavor profiles for you, it is our sincere hope that you enjoy them on most everything you can imagine. 

Angry C*ck and Angry Drag*n are amazing on any protein of choice, noodles, vegetables, eggs, you name it! 

Go ahead - Peck The Pepper!     

Meet The Team

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